ToF Camera

ToF Camera

TFLib package version 1.0.0

What is the TFLib? ToF Function Library

  • ToF Camera Feature Library (TFLib)
    Software library that provides independent functionality by interpreting point clouds in frames

  • ToF camera server
    ToF camera enables monitoring and control from multiple points Web browser (Chrome) and multiple points by the 3D viewer

  • 3D Viewer
    Application software that can visually validate point clouds and TFLib functions (see figure below)
    Save and play files from consecutive camera frames and data
    Able to interpretation of point clouds by Verification → modification → debugging
    TFLib(Function of detecting and volume measurement of rectangular)
    TFLib(Function of detecting and height measurement of people)
    TFLib(Function of Point group filter)
    Depth histogram(Function of Point group data's vicibility)

    If you want to develop 3D point group editing tools or applications in addition to validating your own 3D point group interpretation processing, we suggest our quick implementation of this package by customization.

  • Recommended Operation Environment of TFLib Package
    OS Window 10 x64
    CPU / Memories / GPU More than Intel iCore 5 / More than 8G / Gpu that supporting DX10, 11, 12
    Capacity of Hard disc Capacity more than 300MB
    Web Browser Google Chrome
    TOF Camera TB-TOF-SQ930PU-IV
    ※ Each product camera will be supported sequentially.

TOF Camera

Category TB-TOF-SQ930PU-IV 
Resolution 640X480
Angle of the lens  Horizontal 90°/vertical 70°
Light source NIR Laser diode 
Wavelength 940nm x 4 Class1  
Index finger 0.3m - 5.0m 
Output Data Depth, IR 
Frame rate 30fps 
Interface USB 3.0 (Camera MicroB / PC: TypeA) 
Power DC 12V(9-16V) 
Operating temperature Ambient temperature 0~45℃
Size / Weight 50mm x 40mm x 35mm / 55g 

* For camera orders or product inquiries, see the link below. Electron Device Co., Ltd.

  • Measures to prevent COVID-19
    To prevent infection of the COVID-19, it is also possible to identify the flow of the population, congestion situation, and support countermeasures.

  • Linkage with Warehouse Management System (COOOLa)
    Volume information acquired with TOF cameras provides more advanced functionality in conjunction with our warehouse management system COOOLa.

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