cloud-based warehouse management system

BRYCEN’s COOOLa logistics solution

is designed from the ground up for shipping and warehouse productivity.
We continue to evolve in the cloud WMS sector, keeping current needs in mind.
Please compare our installation and operating costs with the competition, from our flexible handling of customer needs through our pay-as-you-go service structure and multilingual, international EC support.

Optimized Staffing

Get accurate work hours via handheld terminals, and calculate productivity for individual workers. Used for staffing, goal settings, and payment assessment
  • Provides lists of shipment progress statuses by shipper.
  • Allows users to grasp worker productivity down to the individual level.
  • Makes staffing proposals and future shipment forecasts via AI.

Unified Reporting

Compile all statements of delivery, picking list forms, and other paperwork into a single sheet for printing, to cut out mistakes and improve work efficiency. Eliminate classification time and packing mistakes 
  • Output statements of delivery, deferred payment statements, picking lists, and more on a single sheet.
  • Customize form layouts and other properties to a variety of requirements.

Multilingual Support

Share the same screen across multiple languages. We provide support for English, Chinese, and Vietnamese, in addition to Japanese. With BRYCEN, you can rest easy even with staff drawn from increasingly diverse nations. We can even handle effort-intensive “international EC.”
  • Multilingual screen displays.
  • Multilingual or multi-base support that only cloud systems can achieve.

Management of Included Items

Set precise details of included items, sorted by shipping or payment method, or membership variety. Useful for direct-sales customer service enhancements and growing repeat customer bases.
  • Set precise details for included item packing conditions
  • Settings for replacement product reservations
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