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AI Data Labelling

Brycen Co., Ltd. Annotation Market Share No.1

AI Data Labelling

Brycen Japan Headquarters System

  • Equipped with 300 professionals from Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Separate Center Operation (BPO)
  • Stabilize the network infrastructure in the center and maintain high security
  • Local inspection available

GDPR=General Data Protection Rules (EU)

  • Unspecified number of personal information, such as maps and surveillance camera images, are exposed to images and photos (causing concerns about personal information exposure)
  • AI is used to automatically assign mosaic objects and to visually check for, correct and apply mistakes.

(Brycen Headquarters YouTube Channel)


  • Applying annotations to various industries
    - Satellite Image Data Support
    - Support for segmentation by waste incineration facility type
    - Supporting the situation of soccer players, etc.
  • Data performance related to automatic driving
    - Having more than 5 million annotations
    - Bound box, driver situation, environmental response to adverse conditions, etc.

Domestic Data Deployment Cases

  • There are many use cases in all areas such as autonomous driving, crime prevention, medical care, finance, sports, and life, and you can work after consulting according to your request.
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