i-BIQ enhances image quality and surprises and
impresses with vivid and vibrant colors.

Introduce i-BIQ
  • Short-term tuning
  • Natural exposure compensation Responds to unexpected situations such as sudden changes in brightness with fast exposure control.
  • Vivid color reproduction High-precision light source estimation and color correction through machine learning
  • CustomizationColor space rearrangement system for fine color correction
  • Universal LibraryResponse to Qualcomm Platform
  • Flexible picture quality adjustment Tuning to maximize the performance of each part such as lens, sensor, and ISP

AE - Auto Exposure -

Expresses high-speed processing that does not miss shutter chance and exposure that is closer to human eye

    Detailed exposure expression


  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Control
  • Scene detection
  • Fast convergence speed
  • High performance flicker removal

AWB - Auto White Balance -

Vivid colors are reproduced by high-precision light source estimation and scene judgment.

    Color [Optimization & Tradoff Reduction]


  • Estimation of light source through machine learning
  • Specific color correction by original algorithm (patent application made)

Shading Correction - Patent Application -

Compensates for color and brightness variations caused by lens performance and pixel condensing performance of the image sensor.

    Color Sharing Correction

  • Non-uniform focusing performance of image sensor
  • Lens distortion
  • Compatible with ring shapes
  • Compatible with low-cost lenses

Image Tuning Solution   

    Effective short-term tuning

  • Improved image quality
  • Clear image quality standard
  • DxO compatible

Camera Customization   

    Camera system optimization

  • Lens Design
  • Performance Improvement of Camera System
  • Software Development
  • Device Driver Development

DxO is the registered trademark of DxO Labs.  


  • Fish-Eye(Sidelong Glance Lens)

    Image quality enhancement software library

  • i-BIQ AWB
  • i-BIQ AE
  • i-BIQ HGS(LSC)
  • i-BIQ CRS(Color Rearrangement System)

    Image Processing(Software library)

  • Image stitching for 360 camera
  • Object detection for FA
  • Medical imaging diagnostic system

    Device Development

  • CMOS Image Sensor
  • Image Signal Processor
  • Customized development of camera system
  • Camera Application

    Camera Tuning

  • IQ(NR/EE)Tuning for Qualcomm Platform
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